New Book Alert – The Hindu’s Whoopee 30!

"The old, toothless tooth fairy Tootsie not only collected teeth, she collected thrown away dolls too...." starts my story The Island of Tooth Fairies in 'Whoopee 30!' A freshly baked book for the 30th birthday of YoungWorld! Raising a toast to Young World, THE HINDU has come out with a keepsake anthology of short stories. Designed... Continue Reading →

The Hindu: Not so pretty, mate

YOUNG WORLD Not so PRETTY, mate          AREFA TEHSIN Commons You may think they look “ugly”. But ask them, and they’ll tell you who really fits the bill. In the sub-Saharan Africa, there is a wild member of the pig family called warthog, which would make its domestic cousins look rather glamorous... Continue Reading →

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