The Hindu: Fabulously Flightless

Fabulously flightless AREFA TEHSIN   Strange as it may seem, some birds don’t fly. They have wings but it’s not possible for them to take off! So, what use are the wings? “If I were a bird, I’d sing a song And fly about the whole day long And when the night comes, go to... Continue Reading →

Search for the Mythical Saraswati

SIFY.COM:…/search-for-the-mythical-saraswati-new… BUSINESS STANDARD:…/search-for-the-mythical-… ZEE NEWS:…/search-for-the-mythical-saraswat… THE ECONOMIC TIMES:…/65524479_1_s… MILLENNIUM POST: Search for the mythical Saraswati gains momentum NEW DELHI: Efforts to revive the mythical Saraswati riverare gaining momentum. The Rajasthan government has constituted the Rajasthan River Basin and Water Resources Planning Authority to revive the Saraswati river in the state besides... Continue Reading →

The Hindu: Our wings are not for flying!

My Column in The Hindu Our wings are not for flying! AREFA TEHSIN Cormorant: Looking out at the ocean. Rhea: The wings act lke a sail and rudder. Waves soar, babies cry, lions roar and birds fly. Well, not all the time! It is interesting to note that some of the most fascinating birds that... Continue Reading →

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