The Hindu: Piercing Porcupines

FEATURES » YOUNG WORLD December 11, 2014 Piercing porcupines AREFA TEHSIN Prickly: The pocupine's main defence mechanism is its hair-like quills which are tough to remove. Photo: Nagara Gopal Illustration: K.G Rangarajan Porcupines are sharp animals... literally so! That’s why even tigers and leopards walk away from them. There are some animals you don’t mess... Continue Reading →

Book Launch & Panel Discussion in Delhi

A charming address by the charming Dr. Shashi Tharoor during the launch,"You must read this book to your children. And if you do not have children, borrow someone's child and read this book to him..." A fable on how the clever coppersmith helped the hornbill, who'd used cement instead of mud to build his nest,... Continue Reading →

Smithsonian Reviews The Elephant Bird

BookDragon Books for the Multi-Culti Reader The Elephant Bird by Arefa Tehsin, illustrated by Sumit and Sonal The underdog overpowers her detractors. Check! The unjustly accused is publicly exonerated. Check! An unexpected friendship repairs foolhardy mistrust. Check! Girl power saves all! Check! Surely that sounds like just the superhero adventure tale you want to share with... Continue Reading →

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