The Hindu: It’s never lonely at the top

The musings of our Himalayan trip in THE HINDU: It's never lonely at the top  The enchanting snaps by ADITYAVIKRAM MORE CHENNAI, May 16, 2014 It’s never lonely at the top AREFA TEHSIN   Snap by Adityavikram More. Low-hung clouds, majestic lakes, magnetic stretches and vibrant flowers.     Snap by Adityavikram More. Low-hung clouds, majestic lakes, magnetic stretches... Continue Reading →

‘The Elephant Bird’ reviewed by Indian Book Reviews

03 May 2014 A True Friend Review of The Elephant Bird; Arefa Tehsin; Illustration by Sonal Goyal and Sumit Sakhuja; Pratham Books 2014; pp 20; Rs 40 - Shana Susan Ninan A level 3 book from Pratham Books, a Bangalore-based organisation that strives to make sure that there’s a book in each child’s hand. Authored by... Continue Reading →

Munia and her pet elephant bird – THE HINDU

TODAY'S PAPER » IN SCHOOL NEW DELHI, April 30, 2014 Munia and her pet elephant bird A pre-17th century, sub-fossilised Elephant Bird egg. The extinct Elephant Bird, a native of Madagascar, was a large bird measuring around 11 feet in REUTERS The long-extinct giant, flightless elephant bird, once a common sight on the Madagascar island,... Continue Reading →

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