Do Tigers Drink Blood: Session at Bookaroo Lit Fest, Delhi

Hi Delhi Friends, Do you want to know if tigers and leopards drink blood? How does the 'flying snake' fly? Were the 'Elephant Bird' or ‘Roc’ eggs that Sindbad the sailor saw a myth or reality? Let's unravel some mysteries of nature. I would be delighted to have you at my session in the sizzling... Continue Reading →

The Hindu: Missing Snowman

 TODAY'S PAPER » FEATURES » YOUNG WORLD November 21, 2014 Missing snowman AREFA TEHSIN Fluffy teddy bear?:They roam the Himalayas. Poached, hunted, killed and their homes encroached upon... Will the Himalayan Brown Bear disappear for ever? A seven–footed, sandy–coloured hairy beast, lumbering in the snow, as rare as the grey ghost (snow leopard) to spot... Continue Reading →

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