The Hindu: Self Appointed Sentries

Column in The Hindu: Self-appointed sentries TODAY'S PAPER » FEATURES » YOUNG WORLD February 20, 2015 Self-appointed sentries BY AREFA TEHSIN  Just as we have armies and weapons to guard us, small animals have their own protective mechanism to ensure their safety. You can’t afford to be casual when your life is at stake. We... Continue Reading →

YIB Reviews Do Tigers Drink Blood

India is a land of abundant flora and fauna, some well known, such as the tiger and others relatively unheard of such as the caracal, a handsome looking animal; another of the cat species. In this book one gets to have a closer look at the line-up of thirteen different fascinating species of animalia. The... Continue Reading →

Talk at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Mumbai friends, especially the ones with tiny tots, it'll be nice to have you at my talk at KALA GHODA ARTS FESTIVAL (Please note that this is my publisher's invite. Mine would have had the snap of a ferocious tiger instead of me!) Date: 15th of Feb (Sunday) Time: 4PM At: Kitabkhana, Fort. Who are... Continue Reading →

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