Gulab Bagh: Past, Present and…No Future?

Gulab Bagh: Past, Present and…No Future?. By Raza H. Tehsin and Arefa Tehsin     The Udaipur Zoo (Sajjan Niwas Garden), popularly known as Gulab Bagh, is an inseparable part of the life and memories of any Udaipurite. It is not only the heritage of this city, but of the entire nation. Started in the... Continue Reading →

The Great Birdywood Games : Book Review

Bollywood…er…I mean Birdywood is not behind humans, no Sir. It is holding The Great Birdywood Games, as the humans prepare for their 30th Olympics this year. Birds flock from all over the world to participate in this mega event to show off their skills.   Shamim Padamsee wears different hats – educationist, social worker, businesswoman,... Continue Reading →

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