India Today: The Making of a Man Eater

INDIA TODAY's cover story on T24 aka Ustad with RAZA TEHSIN's (member of the T24 relocation committee) take on "The Making of a Man Eater" The in-depth story by Gayatri Jayaraman  Online story on:

Two Poems “Climbed” and “Hanged” on Farmer Suicides by Himalay Tehsin

In our times when we are centered around the so called development at the cost of farmers and environment, Himalay Tehsin, working with the rural India for decades sends these two short heart-wrenching poems after the unseasonal hailstorms and rains this month... क्या बस यूँ ही? चढ़ा पड़ा ओला टूटा खपरैल फूल मजोरिटी की सरकार... Continue Reading →

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