Land of the Setting Sun reviewed on Goodbooks

Land of the Setting Sun & Other Nature Tales reviewed on   REVIEW The Land Of the Setting Sun and Other Nature Tales By : Rachna Dhir  / 2014 The Land Of the Setting Sun and Other Nature Tales Author: Arefa Tehsin, Dr. Raza H. Tehsin 168 pages English Rs 225.00 ISBN: 978-81-79935-33-0 TERI, 2014 Tags... Continue Reading →

New Book Release: Do Tigers Drink Blood & 13 Other Mysteries of Nature

Do crocs really cry? Why does the bear hug? Is rhino's horn fake? Why is the butcher bird named so? Be a nature detective and get to the bottom of these and other mysteries with my new book! Co-authored by RAZA H. TEHSIN   For ages 10 to 100.   AVAILABLE IN bookstores and e-stores like:... Continue Reading →

Indian Moms Connect Reviews ‘The Elephant Bird’

Indian Moms Connect: The Elephant Bird by Arefa Tehsin - Book Review: The Elephant Bird by Afrefa Tehsin by Team IMC on 12.08.2014 The Elephant Bird is a wonderful book about a little girl Munia and the giant one feathered elephant bird. When I got the book, I was intrigued by the name of the bird. I must admit, while I had plans... Continue Reading →

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