New Book Release: Land of the Setting Sun & Other Nature Tales

My new book, Land of the Setting Sun and Other Nature Tales, co-authored by Dr. Raza H. Tehsin, is out!


The Land of the Setting Sun & Other Nature Tales


A couple of quotes written for the book:



“I am very happy to read this absorbing book which would sensitize children to  the  glory  and  beauty  of nature.  If we wish to preserve the natural bounty  of  this  planet, it is children who will have to take the lead and persuade adults to change their ways as well.  This very well written book, I  am  sure,  will  succeed in equipping children with an understanding and appreciation of conservation in all its dimensions.”


ANUSHKA RAVISHANKAR, Award Winning Writer and Playwright. Author of 25+ children’s books.

“Charming stories – a great way to get children interested in the fascinating creatures that share this earth with us.”


Available Online on,, TERI’s bookstore etc. and has started trickling in the bookstores this month...


Online buy from TERI Bookstore for both International and Countrywide delivery:

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