The Land of the Setting Sun as a Textbook

The acclaimed Ecole Mondiale World School, Mumbai, takes The Land of the Setting Sun & Other Nature Tales (co-authored by Dr. Raza H. Tehsin and me) as a textbook for their Grade 6 students! Thanks to the proactive teachers and librarians. Interacting with Ecole Mondiale students...

The Hindu: Terrific Talkers II

My Column in The Hindu Terrific talkers - II AREFA TEHSIN   Alex: Great conversationalist. A good yap: Mishka, the Siberian Husky NOC: Ghost buster Meet Mishka who says “I’m hungry”, NOC who asks you to “get out” and a few others... “Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!” Captain Flint, Long John Silver’s talking parrot... Continue Reading →

The Hindu: Ingenious and Intelligent

Column in The Hindu's Young World Ingenious and intelligent AREFA TEHSIN Dive in: Triple treat for your eyes! Photo: Wikimedia Commons Artistic elephants, musical pigs, dancing dolphins and more… meet some smart cookies from the animal world. By Arefa Tehsin: Author & Ex-Honorary Wildlife Warden, Udaipur Elephants can paint, ants can farm, pigs can sing... Continue Reading →

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