New Book Alert! The Chirmi Chasers

New Book Alert! The Chirmi Chasers: A sitola match between two rival schools is more than a game for Nanka-if they lose, he and his father have to leave town! Can Nanka and his unlikely teammates do it? Arefa Tehsin's book is a classic underdog story featuring a ragtag group of friends fighting against prejudice.... Continue Reading →

New Book Alert! It’s Flipped!

One book, two covers, two themes and two…no, 10 authors! In the 'Sports Stories' is Bull’s Eye, a story based in the Kargil valley of Kashmir, which I enjoyed writing immensely. A special thanks to Himalay Tehsin for his precious inputs on the ways and life of the valley. With author friends Ken Spillman, Stephen... Continue Reading →

Siddhartha Sarma Interviews for “Amra and the Witch”

  OCTOBER 31, 2018DUCKBILL BOOKS Arefa Tehsin and Chetan Sharma: Interviewed by Siddhartha Sarma Says Siddhartha Sarma: Arefa Tehsin and Chetan Sharma’s Amra and the Witch (November 2018) is a delightful, quick-moving tale with memorable characters and clever word-pictures, besides drawings which stand out and add to the hilarity, in the best traditions of hOle books. Amra,... Continue Reading →

New Book Release: Do Tigers Drink Blood & 13 Other Mysteries of Nature

Do crocs really cry? Why does the bear hug? Is rhino's horn fake? Why is the butcher bird named so? Be a nature detective and get to the bottom of these and other mysteries with my new book! Co-authored by RAZA H. TEHSIN   For ages 10 to 100.   AVAILABLE IN bookstores and e-stores like:... Continue Reading →

New Book Release: Land of the Setting Sun & Other Nature Tales

My new book, Land of the Setting Sun and Other Nature Tales, co-authored by Dr. Raza H. Tehsin, is out!     A couple of quotes written for the book:   NOBLE LAUREATE Dr. R. K. PACHAURI, Director-General, TERI “I am very happy to read this absorbing book which would sensitize children to  the  glory  and  beauty  of... Continue Reading →

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