New Book Release: Gupshup Goes to Prison

Khalid's cat Gupshup has run away to a prison. An open prison, it is called, but everyone knows that prisons are full of horrible, evil people. Or are they? And how on earth will Khalid get Gupshup home? Published by hOle Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House INTERVIEW BY KITABE CLUB ON INSTAGRAM

New Book Alert! The Chirmi Chasers

New Book Alert! The Chirmi Chasers: A sitola match between two rival schools is more than a game for Nanka-if they lose, he and his father have to leave town! Can Nanka and his unlikely teammates do it? Arefa Tehsin's book is a classic underdog story featuring a ragtag group of friends fighting against prejudice.... Continue Reading →

Siddhartha Sarma Interviews for “Amra and the Witch”

  OCTOBER 31, 2018DUCKBILL BOOKS Arefa Tehsin and Chetan Sharma: Interviewed by Siddhartha Sarma Says Siddhartha Sarma: Arefa Tehsin and Chetan Sharma’s Amra and the Witch (November 2018) is a delightful, quick-moving tale with memorable characters and clever word-pictures, besides drawings which stand out and add to the hilarity, in the best traditions of hOle books. Amra,... Continue Reading →

New Book Release: Do Tigers Drink Blood & 13 Other Mysteries of Nature

Do crocs really cry? Why does the bear hug? Is rhino's horn fake? Why is the butcher bird named so? Be a nature detective and get to the bottom of these and other mysteries with my new book! Co-authored by RAZA H. TEHSIN   For ages 10 to 100.   AVAILABLE IN bookstores and e-stores like:... Continue Reading →

New Book Release: Land of the Setting Sun & Other Nature Tales

My new book, Land of the Setting Sun and Other Nature Tales, co-authored by Dr. Raza H. Tehsin, is out!     A couple of quotes written for the book:   NOBLE LAUREATE Dr. R. K. PACHAURI, Director-General, TERI “I am very happy to read this absorbing book which would sensitize children to  the  glory  and  beauty  of... Continue Reading →

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