Wild in the Backyard Reviewed on Goodbooks

REVIEW Wild in the Backyard By : Jane De Suza  /  2016 Wild in the Backyard Author: Arefa Tehsin, Illustrator: Sayantan Halder 230 pages. English. Rs 199.00 Penguin Books, 2015 “Ma, did you know that lice poop is red?” yelled my nine-year-old son, and I hushed him because I didn’t want the neighbourhood thinking we were walking around with lice. Though, of... Continue Reading →

New book release – Wild in the Backyard

My new book Wild in the Backyard, unleashed! Publisher: Penguin India Age: No bar Ever wondered why this world’s called a rat race? Why does your teacher call you the chatter bird of the class? How did those dratted lice get in your hair? Let's find out the answers to these and more in this... Continue Reading →

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