New book release – Wild in the Backyard

My new book Wild in the Backyard, unleashed!

Publisher: Penguin India

Age: No bar


Ever wondered why this world’s called a rat race?
Why does your teacher call you the chatter bird of the class?
How did those dratted lice get in your hair?

Let’s find out the answers to these and more in this exciting one-of-a-kind backyard-jungle book. Wilderness and wildlife aren’t just confined to the forests; there is a whole lot of wild in our own backyards! Some of these critters are awake with you in the day. Others wake up when you go to bed…

Discover the hunters and the hunted, the diggers and the tunnellers, the raptors and the roaches, roaming around under our very noses.

Say hi to them and take a look at their home, which, incidentally, is also ours.
Available in Bookstores

Available online on, etc.

Available as e-book on,Google, Kobo etc.

For overseas readers, it is available on, both as a paperback and e-book

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  1. Dear Ma’am Hearty Congratulations to you!May you have hundreds of such releases, in the years to come.

     Regards,Maria Nathdwara Executive Assistant to Raza H. Tehsin

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