The Hindu: Piercing Porcupines

FEATURES » YOUNG WORLD December 11, 2014 Piercing porcupines AREFA TEHSIN Prickly: The pocupine's main defence mechanism is its hair-like quills which are tough to remove. Photo: Nagara Gopal Illustration: K.G Rangarajan Porcupines are sharp animals... literally so! That’s why even tigers and leopards walk away from them. There are some animals you don’t mess... Continue Reading →

The Hindu: Missing Snowman

 TODAY'S PAPER » FEATURES » YOUNG WORLD November 21, 2014 Missing snowman AREFA TEHSIN Fluffy teddy bear?:They roam the Himalayas. Poached, hunted, killed and their homes encroached upon... Will the Himalayan Brown Bear disappear for ever? A seven–footed, sandy–coloured hairy beast, lumbering in the snow, as rare as the grey ghost (snow leopard) to spot... Continue Reading →

New Book Release: Do Tigers Drink Blood & 13 Other Mysteries of Nature

Do crocs really cry? Why does the bear hug? Is rhino's horn fake? Why is the butcher bird named so? Be a nature detective and get to the bottom of these and other mysteries with my new book! Co-authored by RAZA H. TEHSIN   For ages 10 to 100.   AVAILABLE IN bookstores and e-stores like:... Continue Reading →

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