The Hindu: Terrific Talkers II

My Column in The Hindu Terrific talkers - II AREFA TEHSIN   Alex: Great conversationalist. A good yap: Mishka, the Siberian Husky NOC: Ghost buster Meet Mishka who says “I’m hungry”, NOC who asks you to “get out” and a few others... “Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!” Captain Flint, Long John Silver’s talking parrot... Continue Reading →

The Hindu: Terrific Talkers

TERRIFIC talkers AREFA TEHSIN Popular pet:And great mimic.Photo: Special Arrangement Quick learner: Loves to imitate. Photo: Special Arrangement Not just birds, there are a few animals too who can mimic us. Take a look at them. “Never miss a chance to shut up,” Will Roger advised. And so have the sages and wise ones over... Continue Reading →

The Hindu: Fabulously Flightless

Fabulously flightless AREFA TEHSIN   Strange as it may seem, some birds don’t fly. They have wings but it’s not possible for them to take off! So, what use are the wings? “If I were a bird, I’d sing a song And fly about the whole day long And when the night comes, go to... Continue Reading →

The Hindu: Ingenious and Intelligent

Column in The Hindu's Young World Ingenious and intelligent AREFA TEHSIN Dive in: Triple treat for your eyes! Photo: Wikimedia Commons Artistic elephants, musical pigs, dancing dolphins and more… meet some smart cookies from the animal world. By Arefa Tehsin: Author & Ex-Honorary Wildlife Warden, Udaipur Elephants can paint, ants can farm, pigs can sing... Continue Reading →

The Hindu: Who’s the Smartest of Them All?

Who’s the smartest of them all? AREFA TEHSIN The Hindu Smarty ants: They are smarter than you think. Photo: K. R. Deepak If you thought humans were the most intelligent species on Earth, you will change your mind after reading this. Oh yes, although we share 94 per cent of our DNA with them, we... Continue Reading →

The Hindu: More than a mere kat!

More than a MERE kat! AREFA TEHSIN  Cute and cuddly though they may seem, they are actually competitive and mean! No, meerkat is not a cat, even though its young are called kittens. It is a mongoose. With an attitude and an upright posture. Also called suricates, meerkats are social animals. Always alert and on... Continue Reading →

The Hindu: Up in Arms

March 12, 2015 Up in arms AREFA TEHSIN Neocapritermes taracua termites: Double up as suicide bombers. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.   Turkey Vulture: Guess its defense Mechanism. Photo: Wikimedia Commons In this concluding part, we see how the creatures have some really cool techniques to ward off trouble. Shield of poop. Blood squirting eyes. Anal attack.... Continue Reading →

The Hindu: In the fine company of flying frog

Travelogue in The Hindu: In the Fine Company of Flying Frog The interesting clicks by Adityavikram More     CHENNAI, March 6, 2015 Updated: March 6, 2015 19:42 IST In the fine company of flying frog HERE A CROAK, THERE A CROAK In the forest with frogs for company Photos: Adityavikram More   HERE A CROAK,... Continue Reading →

The Hindu: Self Appointed Sentries

Column in The Hindu: Self-appointed sentries TODAY'S PAPER » FEATURES » YOUNG WORLD February 20, 2015 Self-appointed sentries BY AREFA TEHSIN  Just as we have armies and weapons to guard us, small animals have their own protective mechanism to ensure their safety. You can’t afford to be casual when your life is at stake. We... Continue Reading →

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