Iora & the Quest of Five launched in the U.S.!

‘Iora and the Quest of Five’, a rainforest based young adult fantasy, has been published in the U.S. this November!

It is Book 1 in the series of 6 novels.

From Donovan’s Literary Services:

“The real enchantment of this story lies not just in its action and adventure (which abound), but in its underlying ecological message about the importance of environmental preservation and the environment’s connections to human health and well-being… Young readers able to absorb not just a powerful fantasy adventure story but its underlying concepts of relationships and bigger-picture thinking will find Iora and the Quest of Five a compelling story, while libraries and teachers will want to choose and feature it for its exploration of real issues that exist under its fantasy overlay.”

About Iora’s Adventures Book 1:

“Iora overhears sinister whispering coming from her well and is attacked by a strange creature. She knows her father is in mortal danger, but no one will listen. She sneaks out to search the enchanted Wacky Wilderness for him, but Beetle isn’t about to let her go alone. Among the jungle denizens, they encounter wild animals, hidden tribes, secretive lands, and strange and magical creatures: some friendly and some not.

After finding one of the guiding angels of the forest, the search for her father becomes a quest to save the jungle. They only have 17 days to find the other four forest Angels and the elusive Spirit of the Jungle. But the dark forces aren’t going to sit by and let that happen…”

The new edition available on all international Amazon sites.

Amazon India

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Cover by the splendid Priya Kuriyan

Crimson Dragon Publishing


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