Sessions at Bookaroo Bhopal



Bookaroolitfest Bhopal begins on a warm, liquid note. Do drop in for the 50+ happening session at Bharat Bhavan on 7th and 8th of Dec.

My sessions as below:

Saturday, December 7
Time: 1100-1200
Venue: Studio
Age: 12-14

Of Witches and Haunted Wells – Follow in the footsteps of renowned naturalist Raza H Tehsin, deep into the wilderness in the dead of night, hear the sounds carried on the wind. Are those anklet bells tinkling? Is that chattering laughter?

Sunday, December 8
Time :1400-1500
Venue: Studio
Age: 8-10

The Serpent Hunters in Your Backyard – Who is the venomous 100-legger in your bathroom? Who lives in your kitchen but can survive a nuclear bomb attack?Whose home is it – yours or theirs? Wildlife isn’t confined to forests. Check out the backyard with Arefa.

Time :1530- 1630
Venue: Auditorium
Age: 10-12

The Voyagers – Some animals that travel the world with their wings and fins and feet can put our
greatest travellers to shame. Want to know more about such creatures? Join in.

One thought on “Sessions at Bookaroo Bhopal

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  1. Hi Arefa!
    Greatly impressed with your love and knowledge for wildlife and animals. I happened to be at the Bhopal fest yesterday and attended your session, Serpent hunters with my 8 year old kid.
    I must give you some words of appreciation here. Your knowledge was clearly visible in your talks. Your passion for snakes was something that caught my attention. I would love to see you growing with your passion and wish you with great endeavours for wildlife.
    I am asking you for a little help here. Kindly suggest some wildlife (any place in India) to visit in the month of march 2020 so that I can show my kid what wildlife and animals means to us and how we can contribute to protect them.

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