‘The Elephant Bird’ reviewed in Indian Wildlife Club

The Elephant bird  by  Arefa Tehsin
This is a book written for children who are ready to read on their own.  It is penned by Arefa Tehsin, who is a wildlife warden at Udaipur and who writes both for children and adults.  The book is illustrated by Sonal Goyal and Sumit Sakuja who together run a design studio.
I just finished reading the book and it left me with a great feeling-that of hoping against hope.    I had just heard that 500 acres of Mangar forest in Aravali is being handed over to developers.  The book helped dull the pain and anger I was experiencing.  The book did not take me into a flight of fancy – far from it.  The violet coloured, one feathered giant bird may be a product of imagination.  The little limping girl who made friends with the bird learnt to trust a friend early in life.  Learnt to fight for a friend against all odds early in life.  Somewhere out there are children and youngsters like that.   And that gave me hope.
Child is the father of man.  Who said that?
When the villagers were all set to kill the last remaining species of the Elephant bird, their thoughts were just about taking revenge, they assumed the Bird had swallowed their horse.  Little did they know the Bird ate only grass!
When our developers are swallowing the last of the pristine forest in Aravali range, is anyone bothered to look at facts?  I wish a bold and curious girl will alter the fate of Mangar too, like Arefa has so poignantly told in her story.
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– See more at: http://www.indianwildlifeclub.com/Ezine/View/Details.aspx?aid=923#sthash.42hNys5A.dpuf

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