Save Gulab Bagh

LAND MAFIA has had eyes on this prime property in the heart of the city for decades. Naturalist Raza H. Tehsin, fondly known as the Vasco de Gama of Mewar jungles, started his fight in 1977 to save this heritage – which houses age old rare trees that have provided fresh air to the city & a zoo that has bred and restocked many animals which were on verge of extinction in Udaipur.

Gulab Bagh

It is an attempt to destroy the Lung of the City which is repository of many rare plant varieties that have medicinal values and need protection as per criteria of IUCN Red Data Species and Wildlife Protection Act of India.

The Gulab Bagh Zoo is also threatened where generations of wild animal species have been protected and maintained. The location of Gulab Bagh Zoo is unique in the sense of its proximity to the main city and other tourist places as well as the natural environment of dense vegetation of the garden.

Gulab Bagh 1

In fact the Gulab Bagh has been already altered to a great extent in the name of tourism and recreation. Many rare plant varieties have already vanished from the area. Introduction of exotic varieties and elimination of native species in the name of beautification is also altering the ecology of the area. The whole food cycle and inter-relationship of species is already under threat and the establishment of Appu Ghar will destroy the remaining history.


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