Between Darkness & Light – Status of Women in India today

Article in Deccan Herald: Between Darkness and Light
Saturday 12 January 2013
News updated at 1:35 PM IST
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Between darkness and light

Arefa Tehsin, Jan 12, 2013

Once the initial shock wave of the gang rape in the capital had passed, hushed opinions started to be whispered behind closed doors and within close groups – “What did the girl expect going out with her boyfriend at night?” “It is the mistake of the parents; they should keep girls in tighter leash.” 

When the victim of lust passed away, these whispers stopped for a while. Now, they are no longer muted. They’re blaring over television, loudspeakers, cameras and public gatherings.

And then started a smooth flow of opinions so far suppressed, becoming bolder and drawing strength from each other. They’re coming from religious gurus and political leaders opposed fiercely in ideologies but united in the age old ‘culture’ of a patriarchal India. Yes, we are a male chauvinistic society. But many of these comments on women’s enforced ‘modesty’ come from women themselves. So what are we to call them? Male chauvinistic females?

The status of women in India today, especially in the growing middle classes, is in a strange transitory state between the modern and traditional, cultural and progressive. Most parents educate their girl child, encourage her to go out and do a job but still restrict her independence to choose a life partner or even choose the clothes she wears.

To read more, go to: Deccan Herald: Between Darkness & Light

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