Power to the Tiger

Power to the tiger

Jan, 1, 2012:


Tourism is the main tool to make conservation sustainable. The lifting of the ban on tourism in core areas brings a sigh of relief. Traffic needs to be regularised, not banned. If we want to save the tiger, we must consider all actual constraints, devise practical solutions and improve measures like tourism, explain Arefa Tehsin and Raza H Tehsin. 

The tiger-throne of Hyder Ali at erstwhile Seringapatam, his toy tiger devouring an English soldier in which he is said to have delighted, and his son Tipu Sultan, the tiger of Mysore, are long gone. And the Royal Bengal Tiger, the largest and most powerful of the cat tribe, claiming supremacy over even the lion owing to its beauty, size, strength and ferocity, is on the verge of extinction…

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