New Book Alert: Let’s Eat!

And here's a new book to work up your appetite. Let's Eat! Rotting leaves, fresh lice, or even their own poop! Animals eat all kinds of things to suit their habitat and diet. Read about the interesting ways in which animals eat in order to get nutrients and remain strong. With Mihir Joglekar's edible illustrations... Continue Reading →

The Elephant Bird selected for International Literacy Day Campaign!

Pratham Books has selected The Elephant Bird this year for Season 5 of their International Literacy Day campaign "One Day, One Story." The story will be read or enacted by 2500+ volunteers and organisations across countries. I am delighted that Munia and the Elephant Bird would reach thousands of students on Sep the 10th!  ... Continue Reading →

Interview on the Pratham Books’ Website

MONDAY, JUNE 8, 2015 Meet the Author: Arefa Tehsin From flying autos to giant endangered birds! Let's catch up with the creator of the fantastic elephant bird: Arefa Tehisn. A wild-life enthusiast, traveller and author who also happens to be the honorary Wildlife Warden of Udaipur, Arefa has co-authored several other books for children like... Continue Reading →

‘The Elephant Bird’ reviewed by Indian Book Reviews

03 May 2014 A True Friend Review of The Elephant Bird; Arefa Tehsin; Illustration by Sonal Goyal and Sumit Sakhuja; Pratham Books 2014; pp 20; Rs 40 - Shana Susan Ninan A level 3 book from Pratham Books, a Bangalore-based organisation that strives to make sure that there’s a book in each child’s hand. Authored by... Continue Reading →

Munia and her pet elephant bird – THE HINDU

TODAY'S PAPER » IN SCHOOL NEW DELHI, April 30, 2014 Munia and her pet elephant bird A pre-17th century, sub-fossilised Elephant Bird egg. The extinct Elephant Bird, a native of Madagascar, was a large bird measuring around 11 feet in REUTERS The long-extinct giant, flightless elephant bird, once a common sight on the Madagascar island,... Continue Reading →

New Book Release: The Elephant Bird

My first picture book for young children The Elephant Bird is out!  Available in 6 languages including Hindi, Kannada, Marathi Telugu, English. The charming Gond illustrations by Sumit and Sonal! Supported by Parag, A Sir Ratan Tata Trust initiative.  Price Rs.40/- only. You can purchase it online from Pratham Books, who have a wonderful collection of books for children in... Continue Reading →

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