Interview in Book Trotters Club

    TÊTE-À-TÊTE AREFA TEHSIN: BOOKS CAN BE YOUR BEST TEACHERS AND FRIENDS Areifa Teshin"> Areifa Teshin"> Areifa Teshin"> Arefa Tehsin is our hero at the book club! Why? Well, for starters she has been a forest warden. If that isn’t reason enough, we are awestruck by the fact that she gets to live admirably close... Continue Reading →

Interview in Read Fingers

Author Interview – Arefa Tehsin, Author of Do Tigers drink blood? And 13 other mysteries of nature By Ramya Mishra   Ramya Mishra : Your book seems to be well researched. What all are the sources, from where you pick up the information? Arefa Tehsin : The main sources for this book are my... Continue Reading →

Interview on the Pratham Books’ Website

MONDAY, JUNE 8, 2015 Meet the Author: Arefa Tehsin From flying autos to giant endangered birds! Let's catch up with the creator of the fantastic elephant bird: Arefa Tehisn. A wild-life enthusiast, traveller and author who also happens to be the honorary Wildlife Warden of Udaipur, Arefa has co-authored several other books for children like... Continue Reading →

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