Interview in Read Fingers

Author Interview – Arefa Tehsin, Author of Do Tigers drink blood? And 13 other mysteries of nature By Ramya Mishra   Ramya Mishra : Your book seems to be well researched. What all are the sources, from where you pick up the information? Arefa Tehsin : The main sources for this book are my... Continue Reading →

YIB Reviews Do Tigers Drink Blood

India is a land of abundant flora and fauna, some well known, such as the tiger and others relatively unheard of such as the caracal, a handsome looking animal; another of the cat species. In this book one gets to have a closer look at the line-up of thirteen different fascinating species of animalia. The... Continue Reading →

Four talks in Delhi

Four talks in the Delhi chill on the chilling Mysteries of Nature in Pathways School, Gurgaon, Shiv Nadar School, Noida and Mayoor School, Noida

Book Launch & Panel Discussion in Delhi

A charming address by the charming Dr. Shashi Tharoor during the launch,"You must read this book to your children. And if you do not have children, borrow someone's child and read this book to him..." A fable on how the clever coppersmith helped the hornbill, who'd used cement instead of mud to build his nest,... Continue Reading →

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