Smithsonian Reviews The Elephant Bird

BookDragon Books for the Multi-Culti Reader The Elephant Bird by Arefa Tehsin, illustrated by Sumit and Sonal The underdog overpowers her detractors. Check! The unjustly accused is publicly exonerated. Check! An unexpected friendship repairs foolhardy mistrust. Check! Girl power saves all! Check! Surely that sounds like just the superhero adventure tale you want to share with... Continue Reading →

Six Species of Cat found in Sajjangarh

There were 16 species of cats found in our country, our of which Cheetah is extinct now. There are six species of cats found in the small Sajjangarh Sanctuary. And if we talk about 60 years back, even tiger was found here. Out of the 15 species of cats, the presence of 7 in this... Continue Reading →

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