The Hindu – Young World: The Mango Tree

The mango tree Arefa Tehsin JUNE 02, 2021 15:26 IST Download Miyan Mittho, the parakeet, was having an awful day and it seemed to be getting worse ... Once upon a summer, not too long ago, Miyan Mittho was having the worst day of his life. He had an upset stomach, thanks to gorging on... Continue Reading →

Doordarshan: Snake – a friend or a foe?

School TV on Doordarshan (DD) YouTube Trailer Shot by Adityavikram More Did you know that milk is deadly for snakes to ingest? Join writer and wildlife enthusiast Arefa Tehsin as she educates grade 11 and 12 students about this and other misconceptions about this fascinating animal on #SchoolTV Sunday 12 July, 10am to 11am, DD Bihar... Continue Reading →

The Hindu: More than a mere kat!

More than a MERE kat! AREFA TEHSIN  Cute and cuddly though they may seem, they are actually competitive and mean! No, meerkat is not a cat, even though its young are called kittens. It is a mongoose. With an attitude and an upright posture. Also called suricates, meerkats are social animals. Always alert and on... Continue Reading →

The Hindu: Up in Arms

March 12, 2015 Up in arms AREFA TEHSIN Neocapritermes taracua termites: Double up as suicide bombers. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.   Turkey Vulture: Guess its defense Mechanism. Photo: Wikimedia Commons In this concluding part, we see how the creatures have some really cool techniques to ward off trouble. Shield of poop. Blood squirting eyes. Anal attack.... Continue Reading →

Four talks in Delhi

Four talks in the Delhi chill on the chilling Mysteries of Nature in Pathways School, Gurgaon, Shiv Nadar School, Noida and Mayoor School, Noida

The Hindu: Piercing Porcupines

FEATURES » YOUNG WORLD December 11, 2014 Piercing porcupines AREFA TEHSIN Prickly: The pocupine's main defence mechanism is its hair-like quills which are tough to remove. Photo: Nagara Gopal Illustration: K.G Rangarajan Porcupines are sharp animals... literally so! That’s why even tigers and leopards walk away from them. There are some animals you don’t mess... Continue Reading →

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