At Neev Literature Festival, Bangalore

After the screeching break of Covid on our lives for two years, the invigorating Neev Literature Festival is back! Please do attend the fest if you want to be a part of interactive sessions or just fold your legs and listen to stories or witness some excellent performances by the indomitable Kapil Pandey! Below are... Continue Reading →

Ashoka University Archives Dr. Raza Tehsin’s Wildlife Conservation Works

Ashoka University's Archives' team from Delhi to collect Dr. Raza H. Tehsin's lifetime of works in wildlife research and conservation - his fieldnotes, diaries, correspondences, research papers, audio visuals, press cuttings, books - to archive and digitise them for scholars and naturalists worldwide for posterity. Dr. Tehsin's works suggested to Ashoka University by Dr. MK... Continue Reading →

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