Ashoka University Archives Dr. Raza Tehsin’s Wildlife Conservation Works

Ashoka University's Archives' team from Delhi to collect Dr. Raza H. Tehsin's lifetime of works in wildlife research and conservation - his fieldnotes, diaries, correspondences, research papers, audio visuals, press cuttings, books - to archive and digitise them for scholars and naturalists worldwide for posterity. Dr. Tehsin's works suggested to Ashoka University by Dr. MK... Continue Reading →

The Hindu: Hangout with the vampire

My fortnightly column in THE HINDU's YOUNG WORLD  TODAY'S PAPER » FEATURES » YOUNG WORLD August 8, 2014 Hangout with the vampire  AREFA TEHSIN What is the Greater False Vampire – a bloodsucking mythical being or a bat? Read on to find out. Won’t it be cool if you had a pair of leathery wings,... Continue Reading →

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