YIB Reviews Do Tigers Drink Blood

India is a land of abundant flora and fauna, some well known, such as the tiger and others relatively unheard of such as the caracal, a handsome looking animal; another of the cat species. In this book one gets to have a closer look at the line-up of thirteen different fascinating species of animalia. The... Continue Reading →

Smithsonian Reviews The Elephant Bird

BookDragon Books for the Multi-Culti Reader The Elephant Bird by Arefa Tehsin, illustrated by Sumit and Sonal The underdog overpowers her detractors. Check! The unjustly accused is publicly exonerated. Check! An unexpected friendship repairs foolhardy mistrust. Check! Girl power saves all! Check! Surely that sounds like just the superhero adventure tale you want to share with... Continue Reading →

The Hindu reviews The Land of the Setting Sun

BOOKS » LITERARY REVIEW October 4, 2014 Updated: October 4, 2014 16:47 IST On Nature’s trail S. THEODORE BASKARAN The authors pack interesting natural history in this collection of stories. Nobel Laureate Konrad Lorenz, the foremost behavioural scientist of our time, once wrote that the only way to educate adults on conservation is to teach... Continue Reading →

The Better India reviews The Land of the Setting Sun

The Better India reviews The Land of the Setting Sun & Other Nature Tales: http://www.thebetterindia.com/13728/land-setting-sun/   Children’s Book Review: The Land Of The Setting Sun & Other Nature Tales Shreya Pareek September 13, 2014 If you want to experience nature and dive into the world of wildlife, then Arefa Tehsin and Raza H Tehsin offer you an engaging compilation... Continue Reading →

‘Young India Books’ reviews The Elephant Bird

The Elephant Bird reviewed on Young India Books: http://youngindiabooks.com/bookrev/elephant-bird-0 Beautifully illustrated in the Gond art form, one of the popular folk arts of India, the book exudes vibrancy of style, colour and spirit. Munia, a differently-abled child, unlike her namesake bird, is not at all shy and timid. When the villagers decide to kill the elephant... Continue Reading →

Land of the Setting Sun reviewed on Goodbooks

Land of the Setting Sun & Other Nature Tales reviewed on Goodbooks.in: http://goodbooks.in/node/6717   REVIEW The Land Of the Setting Sun and Other Nature Tales By : Rachna Dhir  / 2014 The Land Of the Setting Sun and Other Nature Tales Author: Arefa Tehsin, Dr. Raza H. Tehsin 168 pages English Rs 225.00 ISBN: 978-81-79935-33-0 TERI, 2014 Tags... Continue Reading →

Indian Moms Connect Reviews ‘The Elephant Bird’

Indian Moms Connect: The Elephant Bird by Arefa Tehsin - http://www.indianmomsconnect.com/2014/08/12/book-review-elephant-bird-afrefa-tehsin/ Book Review: The Elephant Bird by Afrefa Tehsin by Team IMC on 12.08.2014 The Elephant Bird is a wonderful book about a little girl Munia and the giant one feathered elephant bird. When I got the book, I was intrigued by the name of the bird. I must admit, while I had plans... Continue Reading →

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