The beginning of Snow White in verse. Result of a recent meeting with Disney 🙂


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1
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The snowflakes drifted in the air

As the queen sat on her chair

One stitch here and one stitch there

She worked with graceful care


“Ah, what a lovely winter morn”

She’d often look up and sigh

Something pricked her like a thorn

And she suddenly let out a cry


Her needle had pricked her finger

On snow lay three drops of blood

She let her lovely gaze linger

On ebony frame of embroidered bud


“If I had a child as white as snow”

As red as this blood,” she stood

And said with a warm glow,

“As black as this frame of wood.”


The queen’s wish came true

White skin, red lips, black hair

With a smile as supple as dew

She soon had a daughter fair


Wishes do come true, it’s strange

But may not be happy all the time

A lot many things may change

The glitter could turn to grime


And so they say goes the lore

Her daughter was named Snow White

If only the queen had wished for more…

When Snow White was born, she died


A year had passed and the king got

Another wife, stepmother to the child

It’s not written, but he must’ve thought

She was full of love with manners mild


It’s true she was lovely as a dream

But there was a small glitch

Although her giggle was like a stream

She was a vain, proud witch!

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