Puddles of Time

We sat recalling
Aditya and I
The moments spent
In the year gone by
Some days had struggles
Some were gay
Some adventure-filled
Each had a lot to say
The year taught us lessons
Pushed us into a pit
We took those same paths
And fall again, we did
There were heartaches
Pain, warmth and zeal
Each day left us richer
Of memories no one can steal
Aditya and I have learnt
That gold can’t replace clay
Years may come and go
But greatest time is today
So forget that time is passing
Play in puddles and dust
Take an unplanned vacation
And dance in the rain if you must
We wish you hours of idleness 
And the power to forget…
All things which are lost
All suns that have set
May you never leave to daydream
May your curiosity never die
“Millions saw the apple fall
But only Newton asked why.”
May you never be cured of love
May reason not let you age
These and many more wishes
We scribble on year’s first page

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